Thursday, November 19, 2009

Media and Publishing Issue: The Dawn of Mobile Video Blogging

In November, 2005, the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced that it is establishing a new Emmy category for original programming created specifically for non-traditional viewing devices (Carey & Greenberg , 2006) such as mobile video blogging. This new form of media is more inclined and received towards the younger generation due to their fluency and familiarity with the World Wide Web as well as their short attention span. With the invention of Nokia N95 video editing feature, mobile video editing is made much easier. Combining YouTube, high speed broadband and a moblog savvy mobile phone, this new blogging phenomenon, has swept across the nation in epic proportions

Mobile Video Blogging in Malaysia
The first mobile video blogging competition in Malaysia was held online in 2008. The competition titled My Life My Way was aimed at discovering young talented directors via the act of mobile video blogging.

The winner of the mobile video competition's video:

In my opinion, this mobile video blogging phenomena will grow immensely in time t come as it is a brilliant outlet for youths and budding video journalists to express themselves.


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